Unveiling the stories of happiness:

Hear what our tiny homeowners have to say!
At Southern Idaho Tiny Homes, we take immense pride in creating spaces where dreams come to life, tailored to suit unique lifestyle and preferences. Don't just take our word for it - let the authentic experience of our delighted tiny homeowners speak volumes.

I customized my tiny home to fit my accessibility needs. Open floorplan, full-size shower, and no stairs! Living in a tiny home has truly transformed my lifestyle. The cozy space provides me with just what I need, leaving behind clutter and excess. Every corner is thoughtfully designed, maximizing functionality without compromising style. With clever storage solutions that keep everything organized, my tiny home is comfortable and simplistic. My decision to embrace tiny living brings me joy every single day.

- Mike J.

I feel so relieved to know my parents' needs are met and they are safe and happy in their tiny home." With Southern Idaho Tiny Homes, you can rest easy knowing that your parents are in a secure and cozy environment, surrounded by the warmth of family closeness. The commitment to quality means that every detail is handled, from sturdy construction to thoughtful design elements.

- Teresea K.

I wanted to downsize without giving up comfort and convenience and I didn't have to do that. I love full-size appliances and granite countertops. I feel so safe in my tiny home, it is well built and is a sturdy structure. The substantial warranty gives me peace of mind. I am so happy that I downsized to a Southern Idaho Tiny Home, I wouldn't change a thing.

- Christy M.